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New Releases This November


Time for a quick word on some great tunes from Voxel friends that flew past us this week …

The latest release </3 by SHI is out today in all major online outlets, and this five-track EP includes Shattered Backbone in addition to four other delights. Beneath the bitter-sweet coating of bright and airy vocals, this atmospheric and soulful confection of electro trap is bursting with the flavour of analog beeps and bells, with a dusting of organic percussion. If you liked what you heard in our playlist back in May this year, then now’s the time to download this new box of treats!

Also worth checking out is the latest from Brazilian trance producer Insonic as he racks up the plays in Spotify. With Etcraft, the pulsing bass drum anchors a sonic breadth that hones the sheen of psi-fi, biting dub scratches and the melodic adventures of trance into a wicked high-energy form. Dark arpeggios and uplifting chord progressions are peppered with playful fx in this epic trance outing.

Finally, Maze Car has dropped the two tracks for his next single into our own Voxel Records release process, so this will be on its way to the stores next week. This project has seen our resident producer experimenting outside the box with the analog gear that furnishes the Red Six studio, combining retro computer games with flavours ranging from quirky alt-pop to complextro. These tracks will be FREE to download from selected stores until the next project is completed – so watch this space for the release date!


Synth-pop-tronic Music From July 2016


Welcome to our round-up of new electronic music discovered in the month of July! Resident producer Maze Car has been experiencing the joys of trance in a Dutch field – an event perhaps better known as Electronic Family 2016. He has also managed to make progress on the next single – it’s been a long time coming, but watch this space over the next few weeks as the single gets ready to go live!

This month’s play list has a distinctive synth pop theme. First up is Love Came Tumbling Down (ft. Malin Johansson) by Stephan Arnold. The arrangement and chord progression are an immaculate example of pop purity that is destined for the mainstream. It not only showcases the production talent of these two Dutch brothers, but also Malin’s singing prowess. The sweetly compressed tones of the voice give it an edge to rival Katy Perry, and the whole package is gagging for remixes that would be successful across many genres. Get involved!

Next, we found Waiting for the Asteroid by Drinking Bird Experiment. This Glasgow-oriented band (please excuse the bias) nestle in another part of the electronica spectrum, and their music’s spindly, stumbling chip wave smolders with influence from icons like Broadcast, Human League and maybe Ladytron. With a stream that ranges from alt-guitar, through cute bit pop to glitchy ambient, we can’t help but be endeared by the breadth of expression on offer. Five star eclectro!

Finally we have Baby Come Home by Featurette. This Canadian duo produce electronic pop with a glistening, powerful and spiky edge. The synths stab at the intro, before the crystal clear voice carries the rhythm into a chorus trilling with trap-esque hi-hats. From the breathy break-down, the bass swells to play out a track forged from simple, well-engineered components. Check out their current Crave EP now!



Meat Street Dog Star cover

MEAT STREET DOG STAR – the new single by Maze Car is OUT NOW and available for streaming or download from your favourite station. This release presents the results of Maze Car’s experiments in fusing retro 8bit sounds with high-tempo dubtronica grooves and ska-flavoured guitar. Yum.

Meat Street Dog Star

The new single Meat Street Dog Star by Maze Car will be released on July 14th! Only two tracks, but a flurry of speedy beats and bold synths, with aromas of 8-bit dnb. Keep tuned to the newsletter for the chance of a free download!


Voxel Records News – June 2015

The latest Voxel Records Newsletter is out now – read about the upcoming release from Maze Car, and listen to some more great new tunes we have discovered by Ping Pong Club, LoveBOX and Bufinjer!

Voxel Records Newsletter – May 2015

Maze Car has released his latest demo and we have found more great tracks deep in the electronic music underground. Read all about it HERE 😀

Great new music in the April newsletter

The latest Voxel Records newsletter contains a new demo from our very own Varjak. Also, check out some great tracks from Van Adams, Nelson D and The Focussed Distraction

Introducing Voxel Records News

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